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A range of services dedicated to helping you make the most of your time in Paris and give you a head start on your vacation
Welcome to Paris - Neighbourhood Orientation Tour

Settle right in with our welcome introduction, ​designed to leave you fully equipped to head out and explore Paris. We’ll spend the extra time with you at your apartment or in a café to answer all your questions, explain how the transport system works, or just walk with you in your neighbourhood to show you around, so you’ll know where to find your morning croissants, where your nearest metro station (or bus or bike station!) is, and how to use these, as well as tips and ideas to help you feel at home in Paris.

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Delivering flowers and wine to guests on Ile Saint Louis.
Stocking your Apartment with Selected Groceries

We always source for freshness and quality, whether you want familiar items or a taste of France, we’ll go out of our way to deliver what you want when you arrive at your apartment so you have what you want on hand right from the start. Only limited to what we can carry!

Arranging & Purchasing up to 2 Tickets/Passes/Activities

108 (90€ + 20% VAT)
If you’d like assistance selecting and finding the right activities while you’re here, we can arrange this. Whether you’d like tickets for concerts or an exhibition, a guided tour, a day trip from Paris, to join a cooking class or wine tasting, we’d love to arrange and book the perfect activity for you! If you’d like something a bit different for instance a private experience – massage, private chef experience, personal trainer or shopper etc. let me know and I will do my best to find the best option for you, and the price is 72€ (60€ + 20% VAT). Please note: For one booking, I have an entry rate of 60€ (50€ + 20% VAT).

Restaurant Recommendations with Confirmed Reservations

300€ (250€ + 20% VAT)
Personalized restaurant recommendations according to your tastes, budget and preferred locations for up to 6 reservations. With advice from our professional Paris restaurant reviewer, be sure to have a table in some of the finest restaurants, or more informal bistros across the city! If you’d like us to book your chosen reservations, it is 180€ (150€ + 20% VAT) for up to 6 reservations. I have an entry rate of 60€ (50€ + 20% VAT) so if you want just one reservation, this will be the rate. Please note: These rates apply for a maximum of 6 people.

* Prices do not include cost of groceries or tickets. Special rates for combining services.


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